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Youth Staff
Youth staff positions fill up fast. Preference is given to previous Two Rivers Day Camp attendees & then in order of registration forms received & training sign-up.


Caddie Assistants
Girls entering 7th through 9th grade (or older if first time at Two Rivers Day camp as Youth Staff)


Be part of a youth leadership team in charge of a unit of campers.  Assist with running daily activities in day camp.  Lead songs or games as part of a group of caddies and assistants.  Help with daily circle activities, assist with time keeping, materials and supplies, help campers be engaged and involved. May work with small groups of campers on tasks or skills.


Must have completed Program Aide Training and Junior Caddie Training (This could have been taken as Caddoodles ( as a 6th grader).  Youth Staff through 12th grade may be assigned as assistants if needed training has not been completed or if you have not been to our day camp before.

Girls entering 9th through 10th grades. Occasionally girls entering 8th or 11th grade also serve in this role.


Must have completed Program Aide Training, Junior Caddie Training, Caddie Training & Senior Caddie Training.  (Program Aide, Junior Caddie & Caddie Training could have been taken as Caddoodles as a 7th or 8th grader).  Must have shown growth in teamwork and demonstrated leadership skills, usually must have attended Rum River Day Camp as a camper or Caddie Assistant.



Guides (formerly Seniors)
Girls entering 11th through the end of the 12th grade


Serve as part of overall Day Camp leadership. Liaison with specific units. Provides assistance or support as requested or directed by adult leadership. Assists with training and coaching for Caddies, co-caddies and assistants. Teach Campers the Flag Ceremony.  In charge of daily camp opening and closing activities.  Also: Taking pictures, running supplies, organizing activities and generally being useful and supportive of the day camp routine.


Must have completed all the training necessary to become a Caddie/Co-Caddie.



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